28 thoughts on “19 Celebs You Didn’t Know Support Donald Trump

  1. nothing wrong with his friends supporting him.. everyone else is just MAD they CANNOT be President and never thought of being prez first because they only care abouy themselves

  2. For having a channel called "Clever News" you are pretty stupid for judging and hating the president of America and all the people (whether they are celebrities or not) who are in support of him. If Hillary would have won, you would be kissing her ass and the asses of all the celebrities who are in support of her. You fascists say trump is racist, xenophobic, homophobic…..yet all the people who support him are among the most logical, rational, intelligent and diverse group in America and the world and they unlike yourself, don't pass judgement and hate constantly. Please get a life and move on you liberal hippies (communist fascists). Trump won and before you hate and judge the man, let him do his job. Four years later you will be voting Trump in for another four years!

  3. yall here is the thing yall have the right to speak, but, YALL CANT SAY HE WILL BE A HORRIBLE PRESIDANT HE MIGHT TURN OUT GOOD AND YALL CANT COMPLAIN IF YOU DIDNT FREAKING VOTE!!!!!! so if your saying you hate trump and you wish sombody else won and you didnt vote, THEN ITS YOUR FUALT COUZ YOU DIDNT VOTE! SO YOU CANT COMPLAIN IF YOU DIDNT

  4. So…she accuses Trump of being "less than transparent" because Trump said he didn't know David Duke, and makes her "point" by quoting Trump denouncing Duke as a "racist," "bigot," and "problem."  I guess even his clear statements taking a stance against the KKK are still proof to Liberals that Trump is immoral…how interesting.  Clevver News indeed.

  5. This piece of crap liberal needs to shut her mouth, and accept that Donald Trump is president, just like the other liberal Hollywood stars. Work with him, try to make America safe again, don't go against him.

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